Special Edition Investment Insights

Mercer’s research shows Kiwis want to invest sustainably and enjoy strong investment returns. 

Leah Keys, Mercer Investments, shares insights on investing responsibly, in this 3 minute video, covering –

  • What does it mean to invest responsibly
  • Key factors investors should look at when considering responsible investments
  • Why investors should think about investing responsibly
  • How investors can find out what companies their funds are invested in

Mercer offers you the choice of seven different investment options. Mercer KiwiSaver scheme recently changed its investment option names to reflect the focus on sustainability. If you’re not sure if your investment option is right for you, take our risk quiz and/or schedule a call with one of our financial advisers via our online form.

Mercer’s team of experts based in 40 countries around the globe, including New Zealand, monitor global and local events and bring you the latest updates. We also produce an investment report each month covering the Mercer KiwiSaver scheme, Mercer Super Trust and Mercer FlexiSaver, which includes the returns for each of the seven investment options. You can read the report here.

9 August 2021