Mercer Flexisaver benefits

Why could Mercer FlexiSaver be right for you?

  • Want to invest, but don’t want to lock your money in KiwiSaver?
  • Leaving your employer and not sure what to do with your super? 
  • Don’t want that money on term deposit because of flexibility and returns? 
  • Want to access the most diversified and actively managed investments in New Zealand?.
  • Want more control and flexibility with your investments?


Getting serious about investing

  1. Flexibility – deposit or withdraw your money at any time. You choose how much to invest, when to invest and what you invest in. You can also deposit money straight from your online banking.

  2. Choice – you can invest in one of seven investment options – from 100% Cash to 100% Shares - to suit your personal circumstances or invest in multiple options to further diversify your investment portfolio.

  3. Low cost – FlexiSaver is a cost effective way to invest in your future. Competitive fees mean that more stays in your account so that you can achieve your investment goals more quickly.

  4. Experience - with more than 200 employees involved in manager research we track over 6,700 managers and more than 35,000 investment strategies across the globe. Each investment option is carefully constructed and we monitor every manager on behalf of our investors.

  5. Option-  it’s up to you whether you would prefer a joint account or an individual account

  6. Support – access to financial advisers who are able to help you with your investment decisions by calling 0508 637 237 or by requesting a call back online from our advice team 

  7. Access to your FlexiSaver account 24/7 - it’s easy to manage your account by signing to your account online and/or downloading Mercer’s mobile app (available on both Apple and Google Play store). You can check your account balance, update your details and review your investment options anytime.



Joining Mercer FlexiSaver is easy and there are no age restrictions:

You can apply online or download the product disclosure statement and complete the application form at the back and post it to us.

Still not sure if Mercer FlexiSaver is right for you? Call us on 0508 637 237 or email us at


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