Mercer Flexisaver


It’s easy to deposit money into your FlexiSaver account.

You can make regular or lump sum contributions directly into your FlexiSaver account from your online banking by searching for Mercer FlexiSaver as a payee and following your bank’s instructions to complete the process. There are no minimum contributions when you make contributions this way.

You can also set up a recurring payment for regular savings.



You can request to withdraw your money anytime without penalties. You have the option of regular recurring withdrawals or one-off withdrawal. Simply fill in the Withdrawal Form and your request will be processed in the next five working days


Whether you’re an aggressive investor with an appetite for risk, prefer to play it safe or are somewhere in between, we’ve got an investment option for you. Our global investment expertise is why our performance is consistent and tailored for the New Zealand market.

You can find out more about Mercer’s  seven investment options . You can review and switch between funds anytime without any charges.



Mercer FlexiSaver is a portfolio investment entity, or what’s known as a PIE. You could benefit from investing in a PIE, as it has special tax rules.Any income you earn through your investment in FlexiSaver will be taxed based on your prescribed investor rate (PIR), rather than your personal income tax rate.

Mercer will deduct or refund tax on your behalf. You simply need to provide us with your IRD number and your PIR.

Your PIR  is the rate at which your investment income from PIEs will be taxed.  The highest PIR is 28%. A PIR is determined based on your taxable income, e.g. income from salary, wages and any additional sources of income that you would include in your income tax return. You can work out your tax rate in 2 minutes with Mercer’s PIR tool.

If you don’t provide Mercer with your PIR, or update it (if needed), we will apply the highest rate of 28%, or the rate you advised us previously. We recommend that you review your PIR annually at the end of your tax year.

You do not need to include your PIE taxable income from FlexiSaver in your income tax return, as long as you have provided Mercer with your correct PIR.


The fees you pay vary depending on the investment option(s) you invest in. Fees are deducted from your investments and will also depend on the tax rate.

Please refer to the table below.

The actual fees charged may vary from those outlined above. Please contact one of our financial advisers on 0508 637 237 or email to discuss.

You can also fill out this online form for a no obligation call back from Mercer’s financial advice team.

Further information can be found in the product disclosure statement.


Your online account gives you secure access to your investment information anywhere anytime.

By logging in to your account you can:

  • View your personal account details.
  • Monitor and change your investments.
  • Review your contributions.
  • Review and update your tax rate.
  • Update your details and communication preferences.


You will receive regular updates about your account and investment performance:

  • Investment reports published monthly on this website.
  • Annual Report and Annual Statement, providing a review and a full update on investment performance.
  • Our digital newsletter, Mercer Magazine, which provides the latest information about Mercer FlexiSaver.


Not knowing all the facts could cost you money. It’s important you know what Mercer FlexiSaver offers you.

Our Helpline team can explain how your account works and answer general questions about your  FlexiSaver investment. You can call them on 0508 637 237, 9am to 7pm on all business days.

Our Helpline team can also connect you with one of our financial advisers.

Please note the information provided on this page does not constitute tax advice and is general in nature. We recommend you seek independent tax advice for your own personal circumstances. All rights reserved.
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