Mercer has been helping New Zealanders manage their retirement savings for over 55 years. We are experienced KiwiSaver and superannuation specialists in New Zealand, with local knowledge and expertise, and global reach.


KiwiSaver is designed to help you achieve the type of retirement lifestyle you desire. With a load of benefits encouraging you to participate - why wouldn't you consider joining?

Apply online

It will take you 2-5 minutes to complete the online form.

What you're going to need:

  • Your IRD number
  • Your driver's licence number (for verification of your identity)
  • An email address
  • Your full legal name
  • Your residential address

Make sure you've read and understood the Product Disclosure Statement and the important information below.

You need to be 18 or older to join online. Learn more about applying if you're under 18.

What you need to know

Your account in the Mercer KiwiSaver scheme
By completing the application, you are requesting a KiwiSaver account to be opened in the Mercer KiwiSaver scheme. By joining the Scheme you have access to all the benefits of KiwiSaver as well as knowing that your funds are invested with Mercer, one of New Zealand's leading KiwiSaver and superannuation providers.

The Product Disclosure Statement
The Product Disclosure Statement contains detailed information about KiwiSaver and its features, Mercer and the Mercer KiwiSaver scheme. By applying online, you're agreeing to get a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement electronically.

Providing your IRD number
You'll need to provide your IRD number, as we'll use it to notify Inland Revenue that you have applied to join the Mercer KiwiSaver scheme.

Selecting Investment Options and your tax rate (PIR)
When applying to join online you will need to choose where your KiwiSaver balance is invested and you will need to provide your tax rate. You can do this after you've received your member number, which will be sent to your email address. You will need to sign into your account from the home page of this website.

Complete the paper application form

If you don't want to join online, the application form to join the Mercer KiwiSaver scheme is at the back of the Product Disclosure Statement. Complete the form and post it back to us. No stamp is required.

Mercer KiwiSaver scheme
Freepost Authority Number 3629
PO Box 1849
Wellington 6140

What next?

Once we've processed your application to join we'll contact you with all the information you need to sign in to Mercer KiwiSaver scheme website and manage your retirement savings.

Need assistance?

Call us on 0508 637 237 (9am - 7pm, or leave us a message and we'll call you back) if you have any questions about joining the Mercer KiwiSaver scheme.


The Mercer Super Trust aims to help you grow your wealth, both now and in retirement.

The Mercer Super Trust provides employers the opportunity to offer their employees a retirement savings vehicle at a competitive price. Many of the largest employers in New Zealand have chosen the Mercer Super Trust as their provider of superannuation services.

If your employer has set up a workplace savings scheme with Mercer Super Trust you can access information about your specific plan by logging into 
Your employer will also be able to provide a copy of the Plan documents.

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