Investment Insights October 2019

While New Zealand share markets have had a rather interesting time over the third quarter of 2019, Mercer’s funds have been performing well in recent months.

In our previous edition of the Investment Insights we heard from Robert Kavanagh and Brian Kearney discussing the cause to the rocky months in the second quarter.     

Watch this latest edition for an update from David Scobie and Leah Key. Hear about: 

• The impact and cause of the sudden Official Cash Rate (OCR) reduction once again in New Zealand 

• How Mercer’s funds performed with strong returns in the growth and defensive assets

• Mercer’s responsible investment approach  

• Recent update on trade tensions and Brexit


Mercer’s team of experts based in 40 countries around the globe, including New Zealand, monitor global and local events and bring you the latest updates.  We also produce an investment report each month covering the Mercer KiwiSaver scheme, Mercer Super Trust and Mercer FlexiSaver, which includes returns for each of the seven funds. You can read the report here.


25 November 2019