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Accessing your investment


Your Mercer Super Trust account is designed to help you boost your standard of living in retirement. Generally, you’ll be able to access your funds once you reach the qualifying age for NZ Super, currently age 65. 

However, in the Mercer Super Trust you might be able to access your savings earlier e.g. if you are no longer employed by the company. Please check the rules specific to your plan in the ‘Your plan details’ booklet, available from your employer or after you sign in to your account.

NZ Super provides for a basic standard of living in retirement, but it might not be enough to fund the retirement you want. Your savings in the Mercer Super Trust will help provide a better standard of living in retirement and won’t affect your eligibility for NZ Super.

To find out how much you're likely to need in retirement check out your personalised Retirement Income Simulator after you sign in to your account.

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