Get your $521 Government contribution

Every year over half a million KiwiSaver members miss out on around $270 million.

Individually, that breaks down to a maximum $521 KiwiSaver Government Contribution which is made when a member puts $1,042 in their KiwiSaver account from 1 July to 30 June.

To be eligible for at least a part of the $521, eligible members simply need to contribute anything between $1 and $1,042 and be over 18 and under 65 (those over 65 who joined under five years ago are also eligible).

Every dollar makes a difference

Over a lifetime, the KiwiSaver Government Contribution (also known as the KiwiSaver Member Tax Credit) can boost retirement savings by up $24,500 (not accounting for any return on investment).

Given the Government pays 50 cents for every $1 dollar a member invests and up to $521 for $1,042, it’s difficult to understand why anyone – apart from those on a very low income and who can’t afford it – would knowingly miss out on all or even just some of the $521.

The majority of those who do, tend to be self-employed and contributing infrequently or employed people who have chosen to go on a contributions holiday. If that sounds like you and you’re in a position to put even a dollar a day aside, then it’s time to take action.

Check your scheme balance today

Last year around one third of Mercer KiwiSaver scheme members missed out on getting any of the KiwiSaver Government Contribution.

To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, there’re several easy ways to see how your annual contributions are tracking at the moment. To check, simply log in to your Mercer KiwiSaver scheme account or go to

There’s still time to contribute

If you’re not on target to get your full – or part – KiwiSaver Government Contribution, there’s still time to make a one-off or several lump-sum payments using your bank’s online banking service.

Just make sure to do it by 29 June (the deadline falls a day earlier this year because the usual deadline 30 June falls on a Saturday).

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30 April 2018