COVID-19 updates

We know this is an extremely difficult time for New Zealanders. Our priority is to keep you informed about the changes, help you understand what the changes mean for you and provide support, so you can make the best decisions for your own personal circumstances. 

This is why we've created this page to help you navigate COVID-19. Here you will find up to date important information on government changes to the super and pension system, market updates and much more. 

Our helpline is also experiencing higher than normal call volumes, below you could find some handy self-serve information to help you avoid waiting on hold. Alternatively, you could always ask Mercer’s Chatbot Elo just on the right bottom corner of this page. 

Latest COVID-19 news 

NZ Budget 2020:Challenges and opportunit

NZ recently announced Budget 2020, including the plan of issuing 60 billion bonds. What are the challenges and opportunities behind these moves.

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Investment Insights May 2020

Mercer’s Chief Investment Officer, Philip Houghton-Brown shares insights from Mercer’s global network of investment experts who have been gathering insights.

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Understanding Unit Prices

If you’re keen to better understand the impact of unit pricing on your scheme's balance, watch this short video.

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Why is my cash return so low?

Interest rates in NZ and around the world are exceptionally low, and have just recently gone lower.

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The Madness of March

Alongside being a human tragedy, March 2020 was one of the worst months for asset prices in modern history.

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Understand Market Cycles

Get a basic understanding of how share market cycles work, the types of asset classes there are and how they are affected by market fluctuations.

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Covid-19 in investments - Mercer Super NZ
COVID-19 Investor Update

Movements in the financial markets caused by the spread of COVID 19 have had a significant impact on many New Zealanders' including members of the Mercer Super Trust

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Coronavirus Impact on Investors

In the last few days of February and first few days of March, shares and other riskier assets have fallen in value as a result of increasing concerns about the novel coronavirus.

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Investment insights August 2020

After a sharp downturn in the first quarter of 2020, global investment markets recovered the losses in the second quarter and we saw investor confidence return as actions taken by governments around

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Coronavirus Impact on Investment Markets

Market sentiment has been progressively impacted in January and February as investors have assessed the potential impacts of the coronavirus outbreak.

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Investment Insights February 2020

The global financial markets have been good to investors over the last decade, particularly in 2019 with both Global and New Zealand share markets posting stellar returns.

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Investors Benefit from 2019

The investment universe is made up of various asset classes. In order to pursue desired portfolio outcomes over time, the goal is to allocate to a selection of these components

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COVID-19: Going remote

Organizations that have already established remote work protocols and contingency plans are ahead in the game. Here are some key considerations to get moving.

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Tips to manage your KiwiSaver account

We’ve prepared some answers to common questions from our financial advisers to help you understand what this covid-19 related market volatility and economic downturn means for your KiwiSaver balance.

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