Get to know our team - Nigel Ingham

Want to find out more about Mercer and hear from our team? We caught up with Nigel Ingham, a Financial Adviser and a Team Leader of the Financial Advice & Education Team at Mercer.


Nigel joined Mercer in March 2021 and since has been helping our members with their KiwiSaver, FlexiSaver and Mercer Super Trust queries.

Nigel’s typical day involves coaching members of his team, talking with Mercer’s members who have requested financial advice, studying up on what’s going on in the market and meeting colleagues.

“The number of people my team speaks to each day varies, and the recent and ongoing market volatility (markets going up and down) has caused a spike in our conversations with customers” says Nigel.

At the moment, the most frequently asked questions by our members are “Am I in the right fund?” and “I’ve noticed my balance drop, what should I do?”

“With the current market volatility, it is important to remember that it is normal for markets to fluctuate and your balance may go down as well as up, especially when you are investing for the long term”.

“The amount by how much the balance may drop (or go up) also depends on the investment fund the member is in, so these two questions are very much related. When we talk to members about market volatility, we always discuss whether the fund (or funds) the member is in suits their risk appetite, circumstances and life stage” says Nigel.

Nigel says the main reason he pursued a career in financial services, is because he enjoys helping people grow their wealth and feels that he has achieved this during his time in the financial services industry. “There are always people that are in need of guidance or advice and always more to be done.

“Saving for retirement enables you to have choices when the time comes to retire and it also means you don’t have to rely on just the NZ Super. KiwiSaver is a great initiative and it has helped many New Zealanders purchase their first home and most importantly it is continuing to set them up for their retirement.”

Mercer’s Financial Advice team can advise about investment choice (including working out their risk appetite), contribution strategy and options on how to contribute, withdrawal or deccumulation options.

Life outside of work for Nigel is busy. Nigel has two teenage children, so is often out watching their sports games and is also busy being the ‘Uber’ dad. Most Sunday’s you’ll find Nigel on a golf course and out with his new puppy Nico.

If you would like to discuss your investment choice in Mercer’s KiwiSaver scheme, FlexiSaver or Super Trust, please speak with one of our Financial Advice team members. Mercer also publishes monthly investment performance and market updates, available on our website. To read our latest monthly report please click here.

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8 Febraury 2023